The music

Music is another of the distinctive elements of the phylloxera party. Each of the elements that are involved dancing their own music, which becomes a distinctive feature that can be as important as the costumes and choreography.

Three groups are the responsible of the musical part of the party, each one handles a part of it.

The small phylloxera orchestra

The small phylloxera orchestra participates in the children’s phylloxera, in the Descent and the representation of the 8th of September in Church Square, that is when it assumes its highest degree of importance the small orchestra that plays five pieces of music: the farmers dance by Jaume Esteva, the dance of grapevines by Antonio Torello, the Dance of the Seven wise of Greece by John Garrobé, and the dance for the final triumph by Conrad Gili and the cava explosion by Paton happy.

The small phylloxera orchestra was founded in 2001 by the initiative of the commission and the musician from Sant Sadurní Eduard Mañé. At first it was formed by professional musicians from the region, but gradually other local musicans joined the group. Currently they are more than the half of the orchestra. In 2002, the The small phylloxera orchestra recorded the songs for phylloxera party in a CD that also includes the sound of the drums.

The drummers group called \"Tabalots\"

Tabalots is the group of drummers that accompanies the sound of drums in all appearances of the phylloxera, the children’s phylloxera, the small ones or the big ones. They are so the protagonists of the musical part for both parades, going with the small phylloxeras the 7th September and also participates with the children’s phylloxera, the Descent and the representation the 8th at night. Furthermore, "Tabalots" is the group that accompanies the phylloxeras in all the appearances outside of Sant Sadurní city.
The group of drummers actually exists since the beginning of the party, but its composition had many changes. In this effort of improve the contribution to the party, the last years, this group adopted a rhythm of regular and several numbers of rehearsals. One of the results of these changes is that the group of drummers adopted the name of "Tabalots" and it becomes an association itself, in 2006, so they can play in different places and not only depending on the phylloxera, so they can play with the gang of devils called "Se M’n Refum" (something like "I don’t care").

Children’s small orchestra

This plays as a complement of the musical groups formed by adults. And in the same way, the children’s phylloxera consisting of their own elements (phylloxera, small phylloxeras and grapevines) in 2007, the child has their elements (phylloxera-thread loxeretes strains), in 2007 has launched a project of disposing an own group of children musicians, formed by pupils from the music schools situated in town.

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