The children's party

It is a parade with all the elements of the night party: a phylloxera, 6 small phylloxeras, five grapevines, eight larvae and several groups of farmers forming circles. The big heads of the Seven wise of Greece also take part in the parade, the "Tabalots" the small phylloxera orchestra and, especially, children and parents.

The parade starts at the church square and ends at the town hall square. During the tour, the elements of fire- the phylloxera, the small phylloxeras and the grapevines- using pyrotechnics especially for children use. In addition, the dancing groups -larvae, farmers, Seven wise of Greece- make continuous stops to represent their dances.

At the end, in the Town Hall Square, we also celebrated the final triumph. We do not throw cava, but instead there is a deployment with special effects that has nothing to envy to the big party. And the flight of neckerchiefs closes the final victory with the same euphoria than the one that will take place at night.

The elements

Although the structure of the children’s phylloxera is very different from the big one, both share the same elements. The children ones, but are not in any case scale replicas, but they are elements with personality.. This rule has two exceptions: the big heads of the Seven Wise Men, as they are used in the two parties, and the larvae, which only exist in the children's party. Regarding to the music, each group uses the same pieces as their counterparts from the big festival and also interpret the small phylloxera orchestra and the "Tabalots".


Of children’s phylloxera we also have made two versions. After the first year of a parade with the big heads, the bagpipes players, and the gang of drummers as protagonists, in 1993 the children’s phylloxera was used for the first time, made ​​by children who participated in a recreation of summer. This first phylloxera also had to be reformed over the years. And in 1998 we made ​​a second version in fiberglass. The artisans were Jep Bargalló and Yolanda Marquez. Its dimensions were 3 m long, 2 m wide and 1.70 meters tall, and it weighs was 63.5 kg. It has two points of fire horns and a tail. It moves on four wheels, and the number of carriers is unknown, it depends on the kids that want to participate or fit in at any time.

The chidren’s small phylloxeras

They are six figures from a whole phylloxera, carried as a big head. They are at about half a meter long and they have two points with bangers on the horns. They were made by Amadeo Farré and they joined the party in 2002 for the first time.

The grapevines

Five big heads made of fiberglass by Ramon Aumedes, from the Sarandaca Workshop. Unlike large grapevines, the front of the figure has a human face shape, with mouth, nose and eyes, and the branches of the grapevines are well worked with fiberglass. The branches have three points of fire. They debuted in 2005.

The farmers

The farmers are not represented in the children’s parade by any child, it consist on some children making circles and dressed as farmers and making circles.

Some years were used big heads made of paper pulp ​​in a workshop under Montse Mateu direction, but afterwards, for reasons of convenience, and also due to the highly variable nature of farmers that participate every single year in rehearsals, and therefore, they have the right to participate in the party, so it was decided to dispense with these figures.

The Seven wise of Greece

From the very beginning, it was clear that inside of the show we had to differentiate the majority of the population in Sant Sadurní as farmers than the owners that guide the fight against the plague, identified with a popular expression "Seven wise of Greece." It was not mythologizing these characters, but showed that the farmers and the owners lived and suffered in a different way the phylloxera plague.
The decision on who should be the Seven wise became from a book reference published in 1909 by the then city clerk, Pelegrí Torelló: "The names of Mir, Marc and Rafael, of Manuel Raventos, Francisco Romeu, Pere Rovira de la Foradada, Modest Casanovas and the remarkably doctor Antonio Escayola, as the director of the Region, can be found as those who promote that campaign". That is the connection among those seven characters that Pelegrí Torelló makes, the one that the Phylloxera Commission adopted, as its Seven wise of Greece.
The Seven wise of Greece joined the party of phylloxera between 1993 and 1999, a yearly. The three first ones were the giants of Mercè Gost Merced, Mercè Beneit i Montse Mateu, that is who took over the construction of the others, always based on real people from the photographs. All giants are made of cardboard paper, they are 2.5 m high and their weigh is between 20 and 30 kg. The music for the Seven Wise Men dance is a waltz by Joan Garrobé.

The larvae

As for parts, the larvae are the most distinctive element in children's festival, as there is no equivalent to the big party.

They are thought for children, which wanted to participate in the party but obviously they could not do that because of the fire.

Despite the name of larvae, they are a free version of the first stage of the insect, because they have wings. Regarding the type of festive beast, it will correspond to the horses, because the bearer is placed in the middle, and s/he holds the figure with ribbons that hang from the shoulders. They are eight figures made ​​of fiberglass by Ramon Aumedes from the Sarandaca Workshop, and they appeared in 2008.
They dance a song composed by Anna Roig, who is also the author of the choreography.

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